hi, i'm peter bruun jacobsen a passionate designer who happens to be for sale at the moment

I'm detail oriented and I strive to design digital art.

The last couple of years I have been working on improving my skills in various programs and coding language. I'm one of those designers who is completely obsessed with the web.I've been designing & building web sites for over two years now and can't seem to get enough of it. I spend my days and nights working on personal projects (when I'm not at work of course).

I live just outside Copenhagen with my stunning fiancé Tanja, and our dog Yuki. I just finished my exams as Multimediadesigner, and is now looking for a job as Junior Designer

my skills

During the last two years I've been developing my skills at school and getting an education as a multimedia designer. For the last six months I have been working at a digital agency called In2media, as a design intern. My time at the agency has been great, and I have learned a lot by working with the talented people. I know, that there is always something new to learn, so i try to keep up with the technology. I consider calling myself a creative digital designer, but i also enjoy getting my hands dirty in the code occasionally.



Launched August 2013, This is the page where I can show my portfolio of works and personal projects. I wanted a clean and minimalistic design with easy navigation, and focus on the details of the stuff that I've done. The site is crafted with Photoshop and implemented by hand using Coda2 together with a HTML5 Boilerplate on an Apple iMac and Macbook Pro. The site is fully responsive and will adapt to any screen and device!


Today all studies shows that the biggest audience is on a device, such as smartphones or tablets. Because of this evolution a responsive website is a must-have! With all the tools we have available today, there is simply no excuse for not having a responsive website. One thing is to make the content look nice in all browsers and resolutions, but the fun part is to make it look awesome on smartphones and tablets.


As a designer I of course use a lot of tools, but my grid is the most important tool of all. I use grids for all sort of work, posters, logos, websites etc.

In this case I have used a six column grid with a width of 1220px and 20px spacing. The grid is super important when working on a responsive website so everything fits easily. The more columns used, the more flexible the grid gets.

making my logo

Now do I really need a logo? hmmm yeah I think so! Making a personal logo is a good way to brand yourself without using your full name. In this case I wanted to use a shape and letters. So after hours of research and trying different fonts and shapes, I ended up with my last name and a round shape. After a while messing around in Illustrator, I got the idea of skipping some of the letters in my last name and ended up with Jacobs. Using geometric shapes are very popular these days so I think it worked out really good.


Working on logos or any kind of vector graphics is really awesome when it's done in Illustrator.

is it friday?

IS IT FRIDAY is a personal project that i'm currently working on. My idea was to create at site where bars can post their offers for free! Then people can get the best offers on a bar near them. To get a lot of dynamic content the bars have to enter their offers every tuesday, and the list of bars and offers will only be visible on fridays.


The site offers a easy way to find bars and good offers in Copenhagen. There is focus on the user experience and of course the site will be fully responsive. Sharing is caring, so I'm looking into ways to incorporate social media on the site. Hopefully I will get a lot of users on the site. Due to launch at the end of this year.

app strategi konferencen

This is a banner and print ad, I did for In2media and Husetmarkedsføring during my internship at In2media. The banner was designed as a top and side banner, and the idea was to get attention, and interest about their upcoming event. I did all the design, and the plan for interaction.


The print ad was made to fit a half page in Husetmarkedsføring's own newspaper. I think that the combination of orange and the white headline is great and eye catching.

netflix makeover

The Netflix makeover was my final exams project, which I designed, and coded.

Of course every project starts with research. So i started digging out articles about Netflix and began to learn about their history and strategy. I think it's actually a great example of and individual experience thats leads to something great, which revolutionised the the DVD-rental and VOD services. The final project consisted of a report about analysis, strategy plans, userexperiences and a technical manual about design and implementation, together with a product.


In this case my product was a new design and strategy for their presence and implementation of social media. First of all the userexperience is in focus. The site was given a more personal approach with a profile administration panel. In this panel the user can watch statistics, friend reviews, get notifications and manage their watchlist. Newsfeeds, ratings and reviews plays a big role in the new design and invites the users to participate. By letting the users review and rate the series and movies, Netflix gets more interaction and hopefully more subscribers to their service.

social media playbook

This playbook was made as an appetizer for companies that need a strategy for their presence on social media.

I designed this playbook during my internship at In2media, for the "sister-company" Content Cph. I used InDesign and Photoshop for this assignment.

a climbers journey

My 3rd semester exams project was this nice little interactive web-app, designed for iPad

I wanted to create a new way of displaying and selling clothes and gear on devices such as an iPad. So I found a company in USA, that had a webshop with these products, and then I wrapped them inside an exiting iPad magazine. Each magazine should have it's own theme and focus on relevant products. In this issue we follow Matt and his friends on their journey to Mount Everest WATCH ONLINE

content tap video

Teaser video for the app, Content Tap. The video is made in After Effects. This is another project i made during my internship at In2media. I made the storyboard with the costumor, then designed it in Photoshop and finally put it all together in After Effects.

Speak by Sandy Bell (co worker at In2media)

Music by Lars from Laville Music Link

Video coming soon


I'm always creating something or trying to improve stuff.

I'm currently looking for projects and freelance assignments, so maybe this is where YOUR next project goes? Feel free to contact me and let's talk about what I can do for you!

poster art

This is a collection of some of the posters i have made. All are made for personal use, but I intend to sell them if someone is interested

DEER LORD is a "New Nordic style" poster, made in Photoshop.


Playful poster, made in Photoshop.


I love Geometry and all the cool stuff you can do with it! I made this in Illustrator and Photoshop.


My tribute poster to The Star Wars. Made in Photoshop.


Random stuff, street art stylish poster, made in Photoshop.


Geometry stuff, made in Photoshop.

THE 79'ers

Since I was born in 79, that must have been a good year.


I'm planning to make much more of these dudes, because it was so fun to do! Made in Illustrator.


This dude rocks, made in Illustrator.

the holy cow

During my internship at In2media, I have learned a lot of cool and useful stuff, improved my skills and I had a great time! Working with these talented people was a great experience and I hope to work for them again in the future. The list below is just some of the projects and customers that I have been involved with.

Danske Bank, Viaplay, Novozymes, KMD, Logbuy, ASE, Content Tap, Husetmarkedsføring, Pandora, COOP... and a lot of intern projects.

hire me, fulltime or for freelance jobs.

I am fully invested in every project I work on. My clients mean the world to me. I produce beautifully crafted, well thought out work. I want to help you stand out from your competitors and showcase all you have to offer.

I am looking for new projects to work on all the time. If you need branding, print, web design or web development, I am your guy. Fill out the form below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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